Highly recommend!!! The boat was beautiful, and provided the perfect backdrop for sailing the Aegean. Every day was an amazing mix of swimming, hiking, lounging, fun & laughter with the most impressive scenery all around. We were fortunate enough to be out during the full moon -- sunsets, sunrises, moon-rising -- stunning. And to top it off, we had the best crew ever. Meals were amazing, prepared with the freshest ingredients, incredible flavors, every spread was impressive -- and oh so tasty! I would absolutely recommend this cruise.

We booked the tour about a month in advance prior to our visit to Turkey. We had taken a local bus from Cappadocia and were dropped off at the Olympos bus station, and our driver picked us up and drove us to the harbor, about an hour plus out of Olympos. Communication via email was easy.

We took the 4-day 3-night cruise, and it was great because we were only at half capacity. We were in a group of 8 in our twenties and thirties, and we had a great crew of three: the captain, first mate Volcano (no kidding), and a deckhand.

The weather was hit and miss, a bit cool and cloudy, and the seas were too rough for us to sail initially. Initially, there was even a possibility that we might not be able to make it to Fethiye. Still, the company assured us that they would organize transport to get us there in case the boat would not be able to sail due to the weather conditions.

We didn't quite get to make it to some of the attractions and we had some hardcore sailing on our third day to make it to Fethiye on time, but this was made up by the crew finding some beautiful bays to anchor in, and taking the extra effort to bring us to nearby islands for hikes in the evenings to make up for not being able to make it to the places on the itinerary. The food was so delicious - I couldn't fault a single thing, and we were even asking for some of the recipes by the end of the trip!

Cabins were small but comfortable - the beds were probably double beds, with very little room to maneuver around, but it was clean and essentials were covered. It wasn't a big deal as we spent most of our time in the common areas.

The views are amazing - sea water just is blue, bluer and bluer, all the different shades of blue and crystal clear, and our shipmates were even able to do a bit of fishing. We spotted a few random turtles on and off as well. We did some beautiful hikes at some of the local islands as well.

Definitely one of the highlights of our trip!

"Four unforgettable days"

Visited July 2023

Cannot recommend this with higher praise! Amazing people onboard and the best food I've had ever! Thanks Valcano for filling my belly with the worlds best food experience! Could easily have stayed on for four more days!!

"Greatest Cruise Ever!!!"

Visited June 2023

We left Olympos and took a 30 min drive to Demre to board our yacht, on board we were introduced to our Captain Yorkhan, Deck Hand Yusuf, and the Cook Buardesh, we didn’t realize it at first but these guys made our trip that much better.
Once introductions were out of the way the anchor was pulled up and we started on our 4-day journey to Fethiye, we made numerous stops every day, each just as or more beautiful than the previous, rolling over the most incredibly crystal clear blue Mediterranean Ocean, the 360-degree view was of the spectacular southern Turkish coastline and surrounding islands, basically, we had found paradise.
Everyone on board including the crew quickly became great friends and within hours the drinks started flowing and laughs broke out, the cruise was in full flight, and each stop was met with clothes off and people flying off the deck into the amazingly flat, spectacular water below. Each night was better than the next as everyone became better friends.
This has been my first ever cruise so I don’t know if it’s common but the crew on the yacht were so engaging and honestly were part of the group the whole time, playing games, drinking (not as much but sharing a drink at least), sharing stories, playing pranks on each other. In my eyes, they made the trip so much fun.
It’s amazing to think that in just 4 days all of us on board became very close, so much so that we all sat down to dinner after the trip was over and had a last night of fun and drinks, some of the group headed off together and continued their travels.
We had booked the 8-day cruise and sadly were only informed when we arrived in Fethiye that we were changing boats and doing the exact same cruise but in reverse, having known this I most definitely would have only booked the 4-day cruise, but I suppose there are worse ways of spending 4 days.